Friday, December 30, 2011

~A dream you dream alone is only a dream…a dream you dream together is reality~John Lennon

To practice being in harmony with the universe, the earth and all that lives on it. This was and is the plan. Self-sustaining, self-subsistant homesteading-growing our own food, building our own home, taking care of our own physical needs, without dependance on the outside world. ~ Scott & Helen Nearing

This lifestyle strikes a chord with both of us for various and personal reasons, but for two people to be in unison is....well John Lennon said it best.Scot Life is so much easier with two people thinking intentional thoughts. It sure has made us both become do-oers as well as thinkers. It just shows one what can happen. We just know we are blessed to have stumbled upon each other 10 years ago, and now we continue to live the dream and life as it and we evolve.

So...we sold our our beloved victorian country homestead, closed our retail garden center after our Spring/Summer season, and hired a local trucking company to drop off a full sized semi trailer. We packed up tight with our household possessions, three greenhouses, John's collection of succulents, and moved 2,206 miles. Away from friends, family and everything familiar to us.  Why would we, at age 60 and 54 do this? Are we crazy?? Absolutely not. Well…at least not in our eyes.  Amazingly enough, we had a lot of support from our customers and friends, and...most of our family. 
Bottom line is we wanted out of the economy driven lifestyle that no longer makes sense for us to live in, and to live smaller in a bigger way.

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