Thursday, February 2, 2012

John worked on hooking up the solar today and  I amended a bed I made with choir and planted a jasmine shrub, two rose bushes and some rosemary, that will be be a hedge... I see it used this way a lot and sure like the way it looks.  I think of all the topiary I've made in the past, only to lose it to indoor winter kill and I can smile and not worry about losing it!   I used prostrate, however, which is a creeping variety.
I wonder how long I will remain giddy at all the things that I can plant and not have to worry about. Yesterday I planted a variety package of gladiolia. I can finally plant bulbs!  Canna, dahlia, elephant
Also I planted garlic. Tomorrow I will plant 105 strawberry plants, some boysenberry, blackberry and loganberry.  I will also plant the broccoli, more spinach and kale (5 varieties!) walla walla onions, brussels sprouts, more cabbage, swiss chard and rhubarb. It's really nice that you can plant stuff in stages as the weather allows, and you can plant a garden twice a year, and keep greens going all year long.  I have several books on edible landscaping which I am utilizing and will be making use of underplanting which is part of the permaculture system. Nice.


  1. Your new place looks wonderful! Not sure I could do it...but wonderful all the same. I worked for John years ago and can really see him living this way. Also have met you at Thistledown and can see that this is the lifestyle for you. Beautiful pictures! But I do have some trouble reading the small print in your posts. I can blame John for the 300+ plants we have in our yard. I learned a lot working for him. I have many in my FB albums also some in my blog. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. Hugs, Teresa

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Theresa. Yes, this suits us both. I appreciate the feedback on the font size too. We'll look forward to checking out your albums and blog. Take Care.