Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Search of Spring

Dodecathon aka 'Shooting Star'
Springtime is officially here with arrival of the Pacific Tree Frogs. These are the ones that I've always heard on TV or to those of you familiar with the song "Down of the Farm' by Little Feat-they say....RIBBIT!

This is our first Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, and being plant and nature enthusiasts, we are both naturally excited to see what's right here growing on our 14 acres of wooded meadow. We moved here in August and California is not called the Golden State for it's gold, which is what I had always assumed...nope, it's the color of the land most of the year. . Cali is world renowned for it's wildflowers and The Sierra Nevada and central foothills have the largest concentration, due to it's many elevations and micro climates. 

I got a real taste of this when I wen to Mt. Shasta last Sept. with my daughters, camping. The alpines are simply luscious! I cannot wait to return and see what Spring is like at Shasta. What a real blessing that it's only an hour away!
Panther Meadows

Alpine Scabiosa aka Pin Cushion flower-perhaps?

Not identified. Looks somewhat succulent in nature.

Pasque-love these things!

Pasque flower in seed- My hike part-way up Mt. Shasta.

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  1. Pretty flowers! It must be wonderful to see all these new to you plants and sights!