Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fire! Fire!

Our View
 Less than 4 miles away and burning out of control for three days 1,200 acres burned before firefighters were able to contain it.  This was our view from the ridge. was the view from our ridge.....
 Total fire personnel 1,016, 88 engines, 37 fire crews, 4 air tankers, 6 helicopters, 7 bulldozers and 14 water tenders.

Fortunately, there were no deaths involved. One barn was destroyed and 250 homes evacuated... Pretty hairy, but we have gained some valuable knowledge about an escape plan and what we would take with us.

Arial View

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  1. WOW! That is scarey! To be so close! I am so glad that you all are safe. Of course here in Green Bay we desperately need rain. Seems like the whole country (plus other countries) are in need of something. Either too wet, too dry, fires, tornadoes. A lot must have gone through your mind. What to take, where to go. How to round up all the pets fast! Those firefighters are heroes,