Monday, July 2, 2012

A Last Look Back

Remembering our old homestead back in Wisconsin and some of our old feathered friends.. We sure miss them.
 1908 Victorian country home

Catching bugs in my gardens-Aurther and Guinnevere
Silkie and Sultan in my flower bed

Popcorn-He was a tiny little sweet fairy rooster!

Lancelot-looking in the screen door

Back Porch Sunsets


  1. Beautiful place! I love all the pictures! Your house was/is beautiful! It must have been a treat to live in it. All that history! Nice picture of John. He looks rested and happy. I just looked at the blog about all the animals. I didn't know or had forgotten about how many you have! They look great. I was in Mayflower the other day and a customer asked about the dogs who use to be there. You and John got some very nice compliments on the life Max has now. They are so glad that you both had adopted him! Mayflower is still a very nice place. But I think that it will be a long time until people don't expect Jan to be walking around. But the new owners are doing a wonderful job of keeping his vision alive! He must be smiling to see how much he was respected and loved! I am so glad that you and John are happy and thriving in your new life. Hugs, Teresa

    1. Thanks for the kind words,Theresa! That house was amazing as well as the rich history. Not every day you find a brick Queen Ann for miles out in the middle of nowhere, hidden down a long gravel road....That family had a long way to go in horse and buggy for supplies! We made wonderful friends with the family that I was able to find and piece together memories of summers with Grandma & Grandpa, and that house brought the family members together for family reunions, which we suggested. It was also a relief to let someone else enjoy the home and give it new life.
      We're so happy for the community to have Mayflower continue on... Jan was more of an influence and inspiration to us in starting Thistledown than anyone will ever know. He encouraged and assured us that people will travel any distance to find the unique. He also insisted on giving us plants to propagate and come out every year to buy from us-just to support us. He was a dear friend, loving and kind. Taking Maximus was our way of returning the love...

  2. Wow what a beautiful house. It must have been culture shock to go from one to the other. Although it forced you to part with anything not necessary. That is my problem. My house is too big forus and I end up with to much crap. We are talking about moving to a new homestead, maybe in New England to a small off grid cabin and I am thrilled with the thought of paring down to the minimum.

  3. Thanks Jane. Culture shock-definately. Bittersweet for sure. It was a big step in the right direction, but I still collect (pinterest) tiny dwelling pictures and strive to downsize more and have a lot less. I feel your burden. I know how much it weighed on my heart-gotta be even harder knowing it's your husbands family homestead. I'm excited for you!